Jtoh difficulties of class 26-50 Wiki

What is '-'?[]

'-' Is the 1st high class 26 difficulty. Comparing TFD to this is like comparing Inverse Fractality to Morm knows. AAAA RUN FROM VSVO-

VSVO spam difficulty obstacle[]

Low: VSVO^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^...^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^VSVO^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^... with ... being repeat everything before VSVO times stud jump.

Mid: same execpt repeat last difficulty VSVO times.

High: VSVO root of LVO stud jump

Core: VSVO root of VLVO stud jump with a VSVO root of VMVO stud wrap in the middle.


Tower of what er real so (Low)

Tower of ssvovsoovsovso (Mid)

Tower of Infinity SVO (High)

Half floor of omg 3am slenderman came to ma house revamped name revamped + more kill brick dlc yay! (Core)


  • It is a face
  • why is it a face
  • what is that last tower
  • why class 26
  • OMG HIGHER THAN CLASS 25 U BAN FROM JJT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • whaatSGD
  • What does VSVO, SVO, VSO mean

Continueing fon theo pont;N[]

(insert reward how did u do that here) move on to tommy.-.