Jtoh difficulties of class 26-50 Wiki

What is Finally Hyper[]

Finally Hyper is one of the Hyper's Sub Difficulties, this is only The Final Difficulty (From JJT Wiki) but is Hyper, Like The Final Diffiiculty doesnt have a Icon, it will have a unofficial icon for this Hyper Difficulty

Obstacles With This Difficulty[]

You think there would be any? No physics and godly movements could be close to reaching this. If it's harder then The Final Difficulty, then there's no winpad, nothing. It's endless hell for you, you won't beat this.


  • When TFF have a official Icon and Name, it will be changed

Towers With This Difficulty[]

  • Math's Truly and Completely Impossible and Virtual Purgatory
  • Sarsen of YEETUS DELETUS
  • ToAST but its a Steeple : Buffed Confusing Revamped ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR IMPOSSIBLE ERROR ERROR (WIP)

Where To Go Next[]

Find it out by yourself