Jtoh difficulties of class 26-50 Wiki

What Is This Difficulty?[]

Hat Kid With A Gun (HKWaG For Short) is a Mid Class 26 Difficulty That Is Soo Impossible That Is 129347127846214561244152431431 MathiasRaziel Cardinal Times Harder That The Final Difficulty

Icon Representation[]

The Difficulty's Names say it, Is Hat Kid With A Gun

Obstacles With This Difficulty[]

Low HKWaG[]

  • Do 1 Hat Kid Cardinal (69696^^^96969 plusgiant5 cardinal) studs jump while dodging everything that damages you in existence and if you touch those things, everything Dissapears

Mid HKWaG[]

  • Do A Mid Air Math Clip
  • Surviviving 790 Hat Kid Cardinal Meteors and 197000 Hat Kid Cardinal Mega Tsunamis Without Dying

High HKWaG[]

  • Do A Mid Air Termination Brick Clip That You Cannot Touch The Wall
  • Survive Every Difficulty 1738216317 Hat Kid Cardinal Times in 0 seconds, if you dont beat in that time, The Omniverse Dissapears, including you disappears!


  • This is the first Sub-Difficulty of this wiki

Towers With This Difficulty[]

  • Hat Tower of Hat Kid Isnt Cute
  • The Hat Kid's Centurial

Where to go Next[]

Do Pingles, I Guess?