Jtoh difficulties of class 26-50 Wiki

what is quadruple rebirth effortless?[]

its effortless but 4 times rebirthed so impossible lol


low u need to do a 5 plusgiant cardnial studs jump while surviving 21832185362141256431435 MathiasRaziel Cardinal Atomic Bombs and surviving the end of the world 19372183 times

mid is Doing 1832163217634215321^^^^^^^^^^^184621423452146 plusgiant5 Cardinal Studs Jump That Is Insta Kill Brick and Doing 129347818346213652173 plusgiant5 Cardinal Mid Air Laugh Clips at -1247812784 plusgiant5 Cardinal Speed

high is Doing 182346172 Plusgiant5 cardinal studs jump while doing Finally Hyper Obstacles buffed 19382146137467 Plusgiant5 cardinal times and buffed again 219738412846172451254125634214466245126472164512 MathiasRaziel Cardinal Times and dodging 218341293718326736172 InstaKillbrick Spinners


Zalgo's Bobulisk

Duduska's Impossible Inferno

The QuadrupleRebirthed Centurial(the first floor)